martedì 30 agosto 2011

Tom Daniel's Red Baron

Cito testualmente
The "RED Baron" designed by Tom Daniel for Monogram Models, built by Chuck Miller.

THE FAMOUS RED BARON ROADSTER is as fantastic today as it was in the early seventies when it was designed by Tom Daniel for Monogram Models and built by Chuck Miller of Styline Customs for Promotions, Inc. It is a totally fun vehicle ... from the German World War I helmet to the dual machine guns to the Pontiac OHC racing engine.

Tom's Inspiration: There were two trends in the late 60s that influenced my design of this kit. The first was the surfer craze with many surfers wearing this type of chrome helmet on the beach. I looked at the helmet and said: Hey, I bet that would fit nicely on a T-bucket! I gave it a German aircraft motor I copied from the Orange Country museum. Another thing that was popular at the time was the "Snoopy vs. The Red Baron" song. It was a bit hit on the radio back then and helped carry the kit to #1 as well. 

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