mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

Jordan Graham : Enfant Prodige

Ho conosciuto Jordan "virtualmente" tramite uno speciale su Hot Rod Tv ...

Questo ragazzo Californiano classe 1988 è un talentuoso nell' arte del Customizing e vive per questo.

Scrive di se " I live life, have fun, and happen to be lucky and was givin some talent and build some cool cars,bikes,race moto.and have done pretty good so far,have had my own tv show since 2008 on "speed"ch., and love it,im takin all my chances and goin for it

Ive raced everything with wheels, raced motocross since i was 3, the last 7 years ive been building custom cars, finally paying off, been doing "HotRod tv" for 3 years now,opening my shop finally to the public in ventura in the coming months. im just livin life and makin the best of it

Dopo qualche scambio di mail posso mostrarvi qualche suo bel lavoro, continua su questa strada Jordan!!

Questo il suo blog : Sixshooter

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