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Wynnfurst Racing

Io pensavo di averle viste tutte...evidentemente mi sbagliavo.....

Team History Wynnfurst Racing has a long and rich history going back to the 1970's. With six SCCA National Championships in D Sports Racer and C Sports Racer classes, as well as thirteen June Sprints victories the team continues to grow. In the early seventies Jeff Miller, a Kohler Corporate Pilot and Corvette racer, was at a Kohler Co. engine plant in Toronto for business. He thought that a KOHLER engine, at the time being used for military drones, could be adapted to work as a racecar engine. In conversation with KOHLER Associates Jeff noted that he could build a race car around the technology used in these engines. At the time, Kohler was interested in getting out of the snowmobile engine business and gifted one of the engines to Jeff. The Wynnfurst Racing team worked with Carl Haas - the sole importer of Lola chassis in North America - to build a chassis specifically for the 1972 KOHLER engine. In support of Wynnfurst Racing and Jeff's efforts, Kohler became a sponsor of the team that featured their engine in 1974. The new engine and Kohler sponsorship lead the team into the SCCA and Can-Am series. Now more than thirty years later, Wynnfurst is still fielding Lola chassis with KOHLER engines. Many advancements have been made to the original engine to make it a more powerful and more reliable engine for the demands of today's Sports Car racing. Engine Facts Today, the two Wynnfurst C Sports Racers fielded in SCCA competition run a KOHLER six-cylinder engine. This engine was originally designed and built by Kohler Co. However, today's derivative of the engine is built, maintained and developed by Wynnfurst Racing at our shop in Plymouth, WI.

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