mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

Trueno AE86 Sr20 Swap

Spec list:

* JDM Trueno AE86
* FRP Guards, Flares, Hatch and body kit (made in house)
* S15 (200sx) SR20det engine and 6spd box
* Alloy radiator with swirl pot
* Stitched welded engine bay and tube bracing
* Earls oil cooler
* Remade firewall and engine mounts to make the engine sit low and as far back as possible
* Carbon Fiber Jblood Bonnet
* Roll cage
* Custom Loom throughout the car (weighs 4kg as opposed to the 17kg loom that was originally in it not to mention engines loom)
* Willwood Brakes
* Custom rear brakes (4 Calipers 2x for foot brake and 2x for handbrake)
* Hilux Diff with 4:4 gears and mini spool
* Rose jointed Apex Engineering 4 link
* Cusco Castor Rods
* Nasiga Rose Jointed Tie rods
* Rose Jointed LCA (Beau Small Craft)
* Big sway bars (26mm and 17mm)
* Bride Fix Back seats and Sparco rally steering wheel
* Custom fuel system featuring Braided lines to incur heat transfer :P
* Much more.. Could go all day but here are some pictures!

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