mercoledì 28 dicembre 2011

Raven Motorcycles... (Un guzzi di traverso)

Se la vedessero a Mandello del Lario.....

Notate qualcosa di strano?? :)

Handbuilt Raven Motorcycle from Asheville, NC.

2011 Raven 750 -1971 Moto Guzzi engine, Norton trans and primary, Honda 350 fork, swingarm and wheels. Frame and cycle design by Jeff Gundlach in Asheville, North Carolina. This bike was designed to build in numbers and sell. There is also a single cylinder in the process of construction along the same basic designs as the twin. Interested parties may contact Jeff. Email is:

Aggiornamento : risposta alla mail al proprietario " Dear Simone,
Thanks for showing the Raven in your blog. It's good to hear from someone that gets it. Crazy is an excellent way to describe the bike. The machine is great fun to ride.
As ever, Jeff" 

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