lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

Haters : Jeff Decker

nessuna immagine,nessun commento aggiunto...solo le parole di Jeff Decker:

" Haters keep you grounded.
If you know me, & dislike me, I'm sure your reasons are well founded.
If you have never met me & hate me, you are simply a cyber-masturbator & you should focus less on my life & more on your own.
There are so many guys out there who have created blogs, website sites & events that don't even own a single bike... they read, write do a little research & you believe.
Are you still in school?
The internet in a tool... nothing more. A collection, swap meet, race, rally, face to face, that is real. Hate a guy to his face & he will love you for it or knock you out, but these computer shenanigans are for the weak.
Give me a bloody nose or a hug, but stop hiding behind your cyber cowardly code name.
xoxo, jd"

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